Clenzoil Adds Cleaning Kits & Gun Care Range Bag to Field & Range Series

Clenzoil is excited to announce that we have added five excellent products to the Field & Range series: Universal Rod Cleaning Kit ($39.99 MSRP), Realtree Universal Gun Care Bag ($69.99 MSRP), Multi-Caliber Pistol Kit ($29.99 MSRP), Multi-Caliber Rifle Kit ($29.99 MSRP), and Multi-Gauge Shotgun Kit ($29.99 MSRP).

After months of spending time with our loyal (yet brutally honest) customer base and genuine dealer partners, it was evident that Clenzoil needed to offer quality cleaning carrying systems focused on mobility and convenience that featured well designed compartmentalization. All of these products do just that. Outfitted with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible, water resistant cases, these compact cleaning kits are perfect for anyone looking for a quick solution to firearm cleaning on the go. “We have received a lot of requests from our customers since we started this venture to come out with a line of cleaning kits, so we are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer a variety of all-in-one products to both our dealers as well as our loyal customer base,” Says Clenzoil President, Chris Hoffman.

Featuring several brass bore brushes and cotton mops, the Universal Rod Cleaning Kit also comes with a 2 oz. Field & Range Pump Sprayer. With over 3 sizes of cotton patches and patch pullers, this simple yet durable and handy kit is all you truly need for a quick daytrip or hunt.

The signature Realtree Universal Gun Care Range Bag proudly contains 12 brass bore brushes, 8 cotton mops, several cotton patches, and even a cleaning mat; Not to mention a considerable amount of Clenzoil Field & Range in both a 2 oz. Pump Sprayer and 4 oz. Foaming Aerosol. This bag is great for a day at the range or a weekend trip to your favorite hunting grounds. Just know that whatever kind of gun that may need attention, the Realtree Universal Gun Care Range Bag has go you covered.

Lightweight and compact, the multi-caliber/multi gauge pistol, rifle, and shotgun cleaning kits are a great addition to any avid shooters shooting bag. All manufactured with a sturdy, cable pull through design, these cleaning kits will cover any caliber firearm that you may have in your collection.

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