Clenzoil adds NEW 16 oz. Trigger Sprayer to Marine & Tackle Series

Clenzoil is excited to announce the introduction of it’s newest product: the Clenzoil Marine & Tackle 16 oz. Trigger Sprayer. Designed with both the recreational boater and avid angler in mind, this product makes it easy to treat everything from fishing reels to engine blocks! Like our other Marine & Tackle products, it not only removes oils, dirt, old grease, and other contaminants, but also provides a thin, non-greasy coating that lubricates and prevents rust on engines, hose clamps, locks, latches, hinges, trailers and other metal surfaces. After extensive testing with offshore sport fishermen and strategic partners, there was no question the 16 oz. option was ready to go to market.

“We’ve had everyone from commercial fishermen to jet ski rental companies asking us for larger bottles and even five gallon buckets that they could use to treat their engines and other equipment with” said Clenzoil President, Chris Hoffman, “so we decided it was time that we offered our customers a product that would work in a multitude of marine applications for everyone in all aspects of the industry.”

“So far we have seen and heard nothing but great things from our customers and partners, said National Accounts Manager, Brandon Wittman, “and many of them have even photographed their results to showcase how effective the product is at maintaining their equipment.”

While the Clenzoil Marine & Tackle 16 oz. Trigger Sprayer uses the same formulation as the two other consumer products in the Marine & Tackle series, the 16 oz. Trigger Sprayer was designed to make it easier to clean and protect the larger metal surfaces exposed to the harsh saltwater conditions. It enables the user to simply spray down the surface with a light coating of Clenzoil, wipe away the dirt and grim, and leave behind a thin, non-greasy coating that will protect your equipment.

One of the most common questions regarding engine treatment is “how often should Clenzoil Marine & Tackle be applied?” The answer is that it varies on a case to case basis and is directly related to how often the equipment is used, how it is stored, and what kind of exposure it gets. The team at Clenzoil recommends treating your engines once a month when being run on a regular basis, and applying a thorough treatment prior to storage to ensure there is no corrosion. But we’ve all heard the age old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so take a look at the video below to see the stunning results of a side by side comparison with and without Clenzoil.


Protect your investment, save money on maintenance and increase the resale value of your marine equipment by taking preventative measures and using Clenzoil Marine & Tackle. You’ll be glad you did.

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