Clenzoil Athlete Hans Geissler Sailing in 63rd Mug Race for Race 2 End Hunger Mission

St. Johns River – Saturday May 7, 2016: The Mug Race is the world’s longest river race, a challenging one-way course along the beautiful St. Johns River. The race begins in Palatka, FL and ends in Jacksonville just south of the Buckman I-295 Bridge. Clenzoil sponsored athlete Hans Geissler is determined for victory but not in what way you may think. Geissler left his boat building business in 1994 to create Morning Star Fishermen; a Dade City based charity that promotes fish farming and Aquaponics as a solution to help end world hunger. Geissler’s quest to help end global hunger through research, development and training individuals from around the world however has not removed his passion for catamaran racing.

Hans Sailboat

Clenzoil’s sponsorship of Hans Geissler and his Race 2 End Hunger coincides with the launch of a new product line: Clenzoil Marine & Tackle. “This is a great opportunity for us to let people in the marine industry that we are expanding our product line to cater towards the boaters and fishermen. A lot of them have been using it for years, but we are very excited to get involved with people that are as passionate about boating and fishing as Hans” said Clenzoil President, Chris Hoffman.

The 63rd Mug Race will have more than 80 class trophies to be awarded based on boat class and different categories including first all female crew to finish, first dinghy monohull to finish, and even one for the last boat to finish.

Event Location:

The racing areas are between the Palatka Bridge and the Buckman Bridge as depicted on the following: NOAA 1187 (11492c) and NOAA 11492 a and b

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