Clenzoil: Founded by a Veteran, Still Veteran Owned

In 1948 a Veteran of WWII recognized the need for a unique firearms maintenance product. His insight led to a “eureka” moment and Clenzoil was born! Many of today’s greatest inventions were inspired by the wars America fought, some of which were “fathered” by the veterans of those wars, Clenzoil being one of them.

Whether it be cutting edge aircraft designs, modern communication concepts or breakthrough pharmaceuticals and medical procedures, our military Veterans have continued to be the “tip of the spear,” when it comes to mankind’s advancement. Such commitment to their fellow man and a deep willingness for personal sacrifice begs the question. Just what type of person is this? What exactly is a Veteran? 

“A Veteran Is”

AMERICA’S WAR VETERANS come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and ages. Their collective experience spans two world wars and several foreign conflicts. They have followed war mules through Flanders Field, dropped from landing barges onto the beaches of Normandy, faced icy cold of Porkchop Hill and trudged the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta.

But, regardless of differences in makeup and experience, all veterans share a common bond-a brotherhood of memory and hard-won wisdom that helps define their character.

A veteran is the first one up as the flag passes on the 4th of July, and the last one down, for they have been a witness to the blood and tears that make this and all other parades possible.

A veteran is a man or woman of peace, soft-spoken, slow to anger, quick to realize that those who talk most about the glory of war are those who know least about its horror. They never joke about war, they’ve been there and still see in memory’s vivid screen the wounded and the dying, the widows and orphans: they know first-hand that no war is good and that the only thing worse than war is slavery.

A veteran is a friend to all races of man, begrudging none: they carry with them the knowledge that it is not the man who is the enemy but enslavement and false ideologies. Those whom he or she once faced across the hostile battle lines, are now esteemed as their brothers or sisters.

More than anything else, a veteran loves freedom. They can spend a whole afternoon doing nothing-just because it suits them, and just because they have paid the price to do what they want with their time. They also take a personal pride in the freedom of others-in men and women attending the church of their choice; in friends voting how they choose: and in children sleeping quietly, without fear to interrupt their slumber.

A veteran is every man or woman grown up a little taller- a person who understands the awesome price of life’s intangibles of freedom, justice and democracy. Their motto is to live and let live. But, if they had to, if they had to choose between servitude and conflict, the veteran would once again answer a call of duty.

Because, above all – above all else – a veteran is an American.

GOD Bless our Veterans.

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