Clenzoil Launches New Product Lines: Marine & Tackle and Chain & Sprocket

Clenzoil was invented in 1948 by a WWII veteran and was created to maintenance firearms, machinery and other battlefield equipment. Over the years, many confident customers put the product to test and realized Clenzoil had many unique applications to handle harsh and corrosive marine and water related environments, performing optimal with fishing reels and aquatic tools. They soon realized that Clenzoil worked great on chains, calipers, freewheels, and more as well!

We are proud to announce the launch of both of our new product lines, available at

Marine & Tackle: with a few minor changes to uphold the quality and standards of the marine environment, the Clenzoil Marine & Tackle series was born. Like an old salty sea captain who keeps his wisdom to himself, our proprietary formula may just be the best-kept secret in the industry.

Specializing in cleaning, preventing rust and lubricating all parts of reels, locks, latches, and hinges, our formula will not damage synthetic surfaces, foam or cork handles. Our products maximize spool speed by reducing friction for ultimate performance. Regardless of what you wish to conquer on the water, you’ll be happy to have a bottle of Clenzoil Marine & Tackle in your tackle box.

Chain & Sprocket: It doesn’t matter whether your bike is people powered or driven by one of today’s high-tech engines, Clenzoil Cycle & Sprocket is the one product you cannot be without as it may be generously used on all surfaces and on all types of materials — from the chrome on the engine to the leather on the seat, whether you ride on the road or play in the dirt, you will not find a better and more diverse product.

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