Clenzoil Pro Chris Beall to Appear on Reel Animals Radio Show

Clenzoil is excited to announce the first Reel Animals radio segment featuring Clenzoil Team Pro, Chris Beall. On Sunday, August 28th, Chris will join Captain Mike Anderson and Captain Billy Nobles in studio to talk about Tampa Bay fishing hot spots, the benefits of using Clenzoil Marine & Tackle out on the water, and even some of the other industries in which Clenzoil is involved.

Chris Beall, a critical member of the Clenzoil operations team and a partial owner in the company is a nationally ranked sporting clays shooter and avid outdoorsman. Having spent the vast majority of his life in the woods or on the water, there are very few things in both the fishing and shooting industries that Chris has not had his hands on at one time or another. Chris has also been with Clenzoil for more than six years through multiple ownership changes and has used the product in more applications and conditions than just about anybody. The combination of his experience with the product and his time spent in the great outdoors, not to mention his quick-witted personality, should make for an extremely entertaining show alongside two of the most highly regarded charter captains in Tampa Bay.

“When Captain Mike asked if someone from the team wanted to join him and Captain Billy Nobles on the show this weekend, I didn’t even have to think twice’” said company President, Chris Hoffman. “I knew immediately that Chris Beall would be best suited to join those two in studio. Their personalities match up perfectly, plus, it’s virtually impossible to keep Chris off the water or out of the woods on the weekends. Trust me. I’ve tried.”

Tune into 620 WDAE Radio on Sunday from 7:00 am to 9:00 am to catch the Reel Animals Radio Show and the first ever Clenzoil radio spot.

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