Clenzoil Welcomes Christian Swann To Our Pro Staff!

Clenzoil is excited to welcome Christian Swann to the Official Clenzoil Pro Staff Team. Chris is an accomplished “Three Gun Shooter,” who competes both nationally and internationally in multiple shooting disciplines. With an extensive background as an NRA firearms instructor (among other disciplines) she has long depended on Clenzoil to keep her firearms “running true!”

Chris specializes in Modular Edged and Blunt Tool Tactical Training to military and law enforcement. She is a martial artist, tactical firearms instructor, author, syndicated radio host, mother, and wife. She owns Defense Management Group, Inc., and partners regularly with TWalt LLC and Argonne Laboratories contracting with some of the world’s largest and highest risk companies. Their partnership focuses on risk management, infrastructure protection, and HUMINT (Human Intelligence), in addition to developing new tactical and defensive products.

Christian is an avid shooter as well as a sponsored 3-Gun and Sniper International Class competitor. She received her first black belt in martial arts at the age of 11, actively competing until age 17. Christian’s martial arts include Modern Arnis and KAPAP (an Israeli Fighting System) where she trained under Avi Naria. She has also trained extensively under world-renowned martial arts innovator Bram Frank in Edged and Blunt Tools Defense, becoming one of his top instructors in this discipline.

Christian Swann also works worldwide as a specialized security contractor. She is a master licensed anti-terror officer, certified first responder, certified hostage negotiator and has been certified by FEMA in emergency management. She also holds several NRA firearms instructor certifications. She holds a degree in psychology and is currently enrolled in the Harvard Business School mentor program.

An author of numerous articles and technical manuscripts, she has recently released a book on the four human emotions and is currently working on a book titled “On Sniping”. To date, it reflects over 150 intense, gut-wrenching interviews with snipers from over 17 countries. She also writes for The Shooting Channel and hosts a weekly broadcast show called Conversations Under The Wine Tree.

As both a highly respected competitive shooter and someone who relies on fully functional firearms and weapons in “real world,” environments, Christian could have chosen any CLP or weapon maintenance systems on the market today. However, she chose Clenzoil to meet all of her maintenance needs! Why? Christian says it best, “Every day I am introduced to some latest and greatest type of weapon maintenance product. The spectacular claims they make range from doubling projectile velocities to working in outer space! I decided to stick to a tried and true product that has almost a seven-decade history of real world use. I work in the real world so I want a product that has real world credentials. That is why I ONLY use Clenzoil!”

Welcome Aboard Chris! Good Shooting Girl!


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