Every Day We Learn More About Clenzoil

Every day we learn more about the various uses for Clenzoil. Don’t think that just because we formulate the product we are the only ones who know how to use it! Some of the best feedback we get on just how good Clenzoil is comes from professionals in the field who depend on it every single day.

While we get testimonials and endorsements sent to us daily, sometimes we feel compelled to share these “gems of wisdom,” with other Clenzoil users. Today’s post reflects just such an endorsement! Thank you Gerry and Faye for once again sharing your experiences with that “…magical green elixir, Clenzoil!” 


As a professional gunsmith and gun owner, I have used Clenzoil in excess of eight (8) years and find Clenzoil to be superior to all lubricants/cleaners and protectants that I have encountered.

Clenzoil is one product that will always be present on my work bench.

A very important point that the user need to remember is that you use Clenzoil very sparingly and wipe off the excess. Also, Clenzoil does not attract dust and dirt nor does it retain powder residue.

Listed below are some of the things for which I use Clenzoil:

  1. Clenzoil is excellent for cleaning firearm bores after cleaning with other products until no more fouling can be removed. After an application of Clenzoil and a short waiting period (1 or 2 minutes) much more fouling is removed.
  1. In the storage of firearms, for protection from rust or corrosion I have not found a product that comes close to Clenzoil. Also for foul weather hunting, firearms treated with Clenzoil are protected from the effects of moisture including the wood stocks and for-ends. I give them a coating of Clenzoil, allow them to stand a few minutes, and then wipe dry.
  1. After applying a light coating of Clenzoil to all areas of a wood stock (including under the butt plate) and allowing it to stand for a few minutes, I then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Not only does it clean and enhance the appearance of the wood stock, it waterproofs it against the effect of rain or unintentional water contact.
  1. I use Clenzoil to preserve and waterproof leather holsters, leather slings and knife sheaths, as well as to protect the knife. It also works extremely well on leather boots to preserve and waterproof them. It also makes clean-up of the boots easy.
  1. My wife and daughter use Clenzoil to clean and enhance the appearance of our wood and leather furniture, as well as to restore antique wood furniture.
  1. I use Clenzoil as a lubricant on anything that needs lubrication without an oily mess.
  1. Being a retired Toolmaker of 40 years, I also use Clenzoil as a “cutting oil” while machining metal parts.
  1. Clenzoil is excellent for removing light surface rust from the metal parts of firearms and to help preserve their finish. To do this, just apply a light coat of Clenzoil, allow to stand on the surface for a few minutes, rub lightly in the proper direction with a copper scrubbing pad – never use steel wool on a blue finish. Wipe clean. Then apply another light coat. Allow to stand a few minutes and wipe dry.

I find new uses for Clenzoil constantly – nearly every day.


Gerald W. Stoudemire

Little Mountain Gun & Supply, Inc.


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