I was in Daytona for Biketober Fest this last October and saw a group of bikers using your product to clean the chrome on their bikes. I thought they were crazy but they told me it was the best stuff they ever used. I have used Clenzoil on my guns, but on my bike? Were they using the same product? Please let me know because I would like to get some for my bike as the chrome on these bikes looked amazing when they were done at the rally.

Jeff Ozward
Columbus, OH


Well Jeff, I guess the secret is now out.  Yes Clenzoil “Cycle & Sprocket” is a superior chrome cleaner – not only will it clean it, shine it and make it look great, but it will also protect it from rust.  You will also find our products good for cleaning and protecting the leather seating and bags on your bike as well. Not surprisingly, staff here has been using our “Cycle & Sprocket” solution (and more recently our grease) on all sorts of motorcycles and bikes for years – please don’t tell anyone else =)

Clenzoil Customer Service

Dear Sirs: I am looking for a lubricating product that I can use on my ATV's drive chain to lubricate and protect it. We spend a lot of time using our 4-wheelers in very swampy and wet areas -- will your "Cycle & Sprocket," product work under these conditions?

Chris Rainey
Slidel, LA


Chris, you will have no problem with using Clenzoil “Cycle & Sprocket” on your ATV….in fact, you will find other uses for it on your 4-wheeler as well.  You will find that our product will not “spoil” or turn “snotty” in wet swampy conditions.  Use our product to clean your chain and then lubricate it by applying more to it.  Simply wipe off the excess then allow it to dry for an hour or so (overnight is better) and you’ll be good to go!  You even will find that once you “winch”yourself out of the mud hole, the chain can simply be hosed off for it to be clean again.  Reapply as needed!

Clenzoil Customer Service

I have been using your "Field & Range" product on my shotguns for years and have found it to be an excellent product. I have been interested in trying your "Cycle & Sprocket" product for quite some time now for use on my Italian racing bicycle. Can you please tell me a little bit about those related products and what benefits of application I may see when using them?

Robert Yochim
Grand Blanc, MI


Robert, thank you for being a loyal customer of our “Field & Range” product line.  Since you are a long time user of those products I won’t waste time discussing our product quality control, committed customer service or satisfactions guarantee!  I will however suggest that you take a look at our Technical Specifications for the “Cycle & Sprocket” product on our website.  It will give you an idea on what the measured performance characteristics are for that product.

Having said that, apply the “C&S” product on your chain and rear derailleur to decrease wear on the chain and derailleur sprockets.  Apply it to the cassettes to clean them and then protect them from rust.  Once the product has dried on them, it will be smoother / quieter and will again, protect the chain.  As you know, keeping friction to a minimum in the bicycle drive train means that less energy (power) is lost and the added efficiency is gained.  Applying the “C&S” product to any articulation points (break levers, front derailleurs, quick-release hubs, pedals and pedal cleat locks, etc) will lubricate them and of course protect them from the elements.  Apply a drop or two of Clenzoil on the pivot point of your brakes to increase their closing power.  You can use our (HPG) Grease in the bottom bracket, wheel hubs and headsets.  Our grease is 100% totally waterproof and unlike other greases has actual rust inhibitors blended into it.  Not to blow our own horn, but our grease is the bomb!  Once you start using the “Cycle & Sprocket” products on your bike, the other riders are going to think you are sneaking in extra training rides behind their backs!

Clenzoil Customer Service

My son races Go-karts (Junior Champ Kart Class - 6.5 hp restrictor plate) and we have noticed that more and more of the kart teams are using Clenzoil on their chains, steering joints, points and wheel bearing surfaces. I am always very skeptical of product claims, however after seeing firsthand how much less resistance the kart wheels demonstrate and how much quieter the drive chains are on these karts, I am completely sold on your product. My question is do you also offer a heavier grease and what applications would you suggest for use on a Go-Kart?

Mark Crawford
TEAM Crawford Racing
Dover, Florida


Well Mark, thanks for using our product on your son’s “go-fast.”  We are not surprised that you are seeing some of your competitors using Clenzoil on their Karts.  Many of the nation,s top racing teams (and not just karts) use Clenzoil on every lubrication point on the chassis, the steering and to provide additional lubrication to the hubs on their wheels.  Lubricating the drive chain with Clenzoil will not only keep them running quieter but will also make them last longer. To answer your question, yes we do offer a High Performance Grease (HPG) that is without a doubt the best grease on the market today. We would suggest that you repack the bearing on your hubs/wheels.  We would also suggest that you NOT share this information with your son’s competitors!

Clenzoil Customer Service

I know of a port mechanic who routinely uses Clenzoil to clean certain engine parts on their larger vehicles and vessels. In fact, he is always raving about how your product does so many things well that if he could only choose one product to always have on hand, it would be Clenzoil. Here is my question, is this guy for real? How can one product be that versatile?

Billy McFaden
Transportation Specialties


Well, let me see if I can do your question justice Bill although your mechanic friend seems to have done a good job simply by way of example.  Clenzoil products have been specifically engineered to do several things well, and more importantly, have proven that fact “on the job” for the last 62+ years.  We are certainly not all things to all people as nothing is, but we believe that we are the closest thing to a perfect product available in our market segments.  Please feel free to call us for any additional specific questions or take a look at the vast amount of information and endorsements on our website – thank you for your interest in our products.

Clenzoil Staff