I have a pretty extensive custom (handmade) knife collection that has some very high valued knives in it. Many of these knives have handles made out of some rather exotic natural materials such as different types of animal bone and some very rare woods. I have been searching for years for a product that can protect and nurture both the blades and the handles. A gunsmith told me to try your product Clenzoil. Do I need to worry about using your product on any part of my knives?

Gerry M. King – Portland, Oregon


Gerry, let me first tell you that the majority of us at Clenzoil spend a lot of time in the “outdoors,” and whether we are hunting, fishing or camping, we all agree that a good knife is an essential piece of equipment to have with you. Whether your knives are collector/ investment works of art or they are hard working “field” blades…a regular coating of Clenzoil is just what the Doctor ordered! In fact, many noted Custom Knife makers like Ken Davis will tell you that all of his handmade knives are treated both during the manufacturing process as well as before they are sent out to the customer with Clenzoil. We like to say…” the proof is in the pudding,” or in this case…the Clenzoil bottle!

Will Clenzoil damage my synthetic stock if it is exposed to it accidentally?

Richard Keene, Johnson City Tennessee


Richard, Clenzoil will not harm a synthetic stock…whether it be fiberglass, kevlar or carbon fiber. However, we would not recommend you applying it to an enamel painted surface as it may actually “clean,” the paint off of the material it is applied to.

Clenzoil Management

I've been using Clenzoil to clean my center fire rifles and handguns for some time now, however, I just got into the black powder hunting scene. Will my Clenzoil work well on cleaning my new muzzleloader?

Jason Beaver – Branson Missouri


Jason, more and more hunters are entering the “black powder,” hunting season…and for good reason. It extends your time in the woods and generally gives you a “jump” on game not getting the rifle season “spooks.” However, by using Clenzoil to clean your muzzleloader, you won’t be extending your “smokepole,” cleaning time. Many industry experts consider Clenzoil to be the ultimate cleaning solution for muzzleloaders. We suggest that you work a well saturated patch through the bore of the rifle and then leave the muzzleloader alone for 10-20 minutes. You will find that giving the Clenzoil solution time to do the work for you will make the rest of your cleaning job easier. After the initial treatment period you can then do your normal bronze brush, saturated patch cleaning regimen. What really makes Clenzoil great for muzzleloaders is that it actually helps to condition the bore over time so that it will stay cleaner the more you use it and it helps to keep rust (a major muzzleloader problem) at bay!

Clenzoil R&D Staff

I hunt in an extremely cold weather environment. I've noticed that my rifle trigger stays "crisp" and the bolt still seems "slick," even when the temperature dips below 0 degrees. What makes Clenzoil a better lubricant for areas that will regularly get down to such extreme temperatures, as opposed to some of the new so called "high-tech" lubricants?

Kevin Kincaid – Upper Peninsula Michigan


Kevin, unlike a lot of products that use silicone or Teflon ingredients, Clenzoil doesn’t use any chemicals that can get “snotty,” or change consistency in temperature extremes. Trust us…you’ll “quit,” the cold weather hunt…long before Clenzoil will quit you!

Clenzoil Field Staff

Many times I have accidentally gotten Clenzoil on the wooden stock of my rifle while cleaning it. Do I need to worry about the hand-rubbed finish on my stock being affected by continued exposure to Clenzoil?

Max Williams – Atlanta Georgia


Max, believe it or not…your stock will love you for “exposing,” it to Clenzoil. The ingredients that make up Clenzoil are a Trademarked secret. However, we will tell you that some of the components are specifically designed to nurture and replenish the natural oils and minerals that wood and leather require to stay strong and beautiful…for decades and decades. In fact, you’ll find that your wood stocks and leather slings will develop a natural “patina,” that enhances the look of your stock and sling, helps to protect them from the elements and keeps the metal work attached to them from rusting as well.

Clenzoil R&D Staff

With close to 20 years of gunsmithing and gun sales experience....I have to tell you folks at Clenzoil I have never seen a product like this in my entire life. I have literally taken in used rifles on one day, cleaned and treated them with Clenzoil overnight and watch them "walk out the door" in the hands of a new owner the very next day! Your product is phenomenal! Keep us the great work and what else are you guys bringing to market?

Robert C. Ray Salem, New York


Mr. Ray, we really appreciate the kind words regarding our product…..especially considering that they are coming from someone so knowledgeable as you. However, I will tell you that we hear similar stories to yours nearly everyday. That doesn’t mean that we don’t like to hear them though. Clenzoil Worldwide has numerous products in the works. We expect to bring to market before long our Hinge Pin Jelly as well as our Marine & Tackle line and our Cycle & Sprocket line of products. Of course we will always be working to improve our formulations and packaging…..just so we can continue to meet the expectations of our customers…..and yours!

Clenzoil Marketing Staff

Does your product have any "scent-effect" on game, or is it scent-free? Your product works great, maybe someday I can help to represent your product in my area!

Robert Seprish, Springbrook Township Pennsylvania


Robert, Clenzoil “Field & Range” is specifically blended with the hunter in mind which means that Clenzoil is scent-neutral only minutes after its application. You will notice that when initially applied Clenzoil has an almost “Evergreen or Woodsy” scent. The chemists at Clenzoil specifically sought out blending components that would not stand out or seem out of place in the “field.” Once Clenzoil completes its bonding process to the applied surfaces, it becomes scent-neutral or scent-free. This means that unlike every other product on the market, you can apply Clenzoil to your firearm while actually on your hunt! In fact, many Professional Hunting Guides carry our “One-Step-Solution” presaturated patches with them in the field so their clients can treat their weapons with Clenzoil (to protect them from rust) during the onset of inclement weather……with no fear of an out of place odor spoiling their hunt! Thanks for the great question……and just so you know, we are always looking for new Authorized Dealers of our product line!

Clenzoil Field Staff

Can Clenzoil be used on high performance air guns?

Gilliam Jones, Huntsville Alabama


Absolutely! Clenzoil will not diesel or auto-combust under pressure like many products will. Use it to clean your airgun and then lubricate the friction points. Wipe down the exterior of the weapon when finished to protect it from the elements. Clenzoil will also not dry out gaskets or seals that are common to such airguns.

Clenzoil Technical Support

Does Clenzoil contain any Ammonia in its formulation? I have a new Smith & Wesson M&P pistol and they recommend that no products be used to clean this weapon that contain Ammonia.

R. DiFranco – Ohio


Mr. DiFranco: First, we appreciate you purchasing our Clenzoil product. Secondly……the short answer is “No,” we do not have any Ammonia in our formulation blend for any Clenzoil products. You can feel free to apply Clenzoil to any part of your M&P pistol. Clenzoil will not harm the finish of the weapon.

Clenzoil Technical Support

My son is on his second tour of Iraq for the US Marine Corp. During his first tour, he said that he (and the other Marines in his unit) had trouble keeping their weapons from jamming due to the sand and heat. At one point, most of them were cleaning their weapons with kerosene and then firing them "dry," with no lubrication at all. When he rotated back on his second tour, he decided to take with him some Clenzoil...which we use at home for cleaning guns during hunting season. He said that the product works great in that enviroment! They clean their weapons with the Clenzoil, then "treat," the bolt and trigger mechanism with a very light coating of Clenzoil and it works better than advertised....even in 130F degree heat! My question is what makes Clenzoil so different than everything else on the market and why doesn't the US military issue it as their standard CLP?

Paul Henderson, Indianapolis Indiana


Paul, first let us say, “…Thank You and God Bless You,” to your son for his courage and sacrifice that he must exhibit on a daily basis, to ensure our freedom and safety. To answer your question about what makes Clenzoil so different, let’s just say that any product that has almost 60 years of ongoing Research & Development behind it has probably been tested against almost every enviromental extreme you can throw at it. Clenzoil is different than everything else on the market and we have thousands and thousands of customers who will attest to that…including many US and foreign military units all over the world.