Can Clenzoil "Machine & Tool," be used to clean diesel marine engines fuel injectors?

Tugboat Senior Engineer


Not only will Clenzoil “Machine & Tool,” clean the fuel injectors of diesel marine engines….it will actually help to keep them cleaner longer. We suggest that you soak the injectors in the Clenzoil, then brush them with a wire brush dipped in Clenzoil. Then rinse them clean in Clenzoil and lightly wipe off excess Clenzoil before reinstalling them.

Technical Staff
Clenzoil Worldwide

Can Clenzoil be used on chrome plated products without harming the finish?

D&G Plating, Inc.


Absolutely. Clenzoil is used in the plating industry on chrome on an ongoing basis. In fact, many companies coat their chrome plated products with Clenzoil before they ship those products over seas to protect the chrome finish from pitting or rusting during exposure to the harsh salt air environment.

Technical Staff
Clenzoil Worldwide

What is the temperature operation range of Clenzoil?

Dihatsu Industries


Clenzoil will remain fluid and effective in an extremely wide temperature range. Specifically from approximately -130F to over +140F. Clenzoil does not contain Teflon or Silicone, so it will not become “snotty” or gummy in extremely cold temperatures.

Technical Staff
Clenzoil Worldwide

What is the shelf life of Clenzoil?

General Dynamics Corporation


While we have product that was manufactured in 1952 in our lab at our corporate offices that is still a viable product regarding performance, generally we state that Clenzoil has a recommended shelf life of approximately 10 years.

Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Clenzoil Worldwide

We use heavy equipment (bulldozers, earthmovers, etc.) in very harsh environments. Most of our equipment is used in muddy, tropical, dirty mines and open pits. We have a great deal of trouble keeping the shifters and open reduction gear levers operating smoothly. Recently we have begun using your Machine & Tool product to clean and lubricate those exposed articulation points on those levers and shifters. We have been nothing short of amazed at how long they stay clean....and how well they work even once they get completely covered in mud or grime. When they eventually need to be cleaned off for another application of your product, we simply hose them off and then reapply your product! No rust....no muss. However, we have a very simple question that may have a very obvious answer but we are stumped. What would be the best way for us to apply your product to some of the harder to reach areas in, under and around these heavy equipment behemoths?

Carlos Montoya
Director of Mining Operations


Mr. Montoya, first let us thank you for using our product. Second, sometimes it is the answer right in front of us that we have the toughest time seeing. You are correct that a rather simple application concept exists that should meet your needs quite easily. We have many customers (companies) that simply load our product into pump-up (manually pressurized) insecticide type sprayers. For economy of use, the larger “backpack” type sprayers will work extremely well for just the type of application you are inquiring about. Most of these units come with adjustable wands that have control tips that can be adjusted for streams to wide coverage disbursement patterns. Hope that helps……and don’t forget to apply Clenzoil to your tools and drills as well!

Clenzoil Technical Support

We have been using Clenzoil on our dredging conveyors for our phosphate mining operations....specifically on the rollers and belt rails to keep them smooth and friction free. As this is a very dusty and dirty environment, we occasionally want to clean those systems by using pressure washers to spray them down. However, your Clenzoil adheres to the metal rollers and guide rails so well......we can't completely remove it! Do you have any suggestions or products we can purchase to help remove Clenzoil so we can thoroughly clean the surface before we reapply more Clenzoil on them?

Ken Mathos
Operations & Maintenance Supervisor
Ketco Corporation


Mr. Mathos, thank you for using Clenzoil and being a loyal customer. The short answer is “yes,” we do have a product we recommend. It is our Clenzoil Release Agent. We offer it in the same quantities that we sell our other products. It will help to neutralize and release Clenzoil from a metal surface it has been applied to. Contact our Sales Department to find out more about the Clenzoil Release Agent.

Clenzoil Customer Service

Hello - My name is Kyle Schawel and I have used a lot of your oil in the past. I talked to you on the phone (the owner) last year about uses for tool and die. My dad has been in the tool and die industry since he was 17 years old. I have turned many friends on to your product and they love it. I have one favor to ask you. Can you send me any promotional items such as stickers, hats or tee-shirts? I would love a black tee-shirt in XL (or XXL if all cotton). Thanks for your help and good luck and love your product.

Kyle Schawel – Sleepy Hollow, IL


Kyle, we are very happy to hear that you and your father are great fans of Clenzoil. You might want to let your Dad know that we have a Division of Clenzoil specifically known as the Clenzoil Machine & Tool Division. We sell a version of Clenzoil that is manufactured for use in the machine, tool and die and industrial sector that can be purchased in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums. In fact, we can produce it in almost any amount that you may need it. The Machine & Tool Clenzoil product is made to work in the extreme enviroments often associated with the manufacturing industry. Many of the properties that Clenzoil demonstrates is considered ideal for the tool and die industry. Regarding your question about what promotional items we have for Clenzoil…let me just say that in the next couple of weeks we will be offering some really “cool” hats, visors and shirts for sale in our E-Commerce Store on this web site. However, since you asked so nicely (and just this one time) ….keep and eye out in your mail box and we’ll see what we can do! Thanks for your continued support.

Clenzoil Marketing Staff

Here in Finland, our hunting conditions are extreme and unforgiving. I have used your product now on my Sako rifle, my hunting knives and axes, and all around my hunting cabin (door hinges, pumps, tools, etc.). I am most impressed with how well it works in sub-zero conditions. What other chemical products does Clenzoil offer for use by outdoorsmen? Your Clenzoil "Field & Range" is amazing.... and I have tried every brand it seems available in the US and the UK!

Esko Rantannen, Sodankyla Finland


Esko, Clenzoil “Field & Range” offers a grease that you might consider trying as well. We call it Hinge Pin Jelly……but don’t let the name fool you. It can be used on many more things that shotgun hinges. In fact, it works great on rifle bolts, slide rails, action friction points where a grease is called for……and it works fantastic as a anti-seize product for choke tubes! Our Clenzoil “Jelly” is a 100% synthetic product that will function in -40C Degrees up to +600C Degrees. It will work in Freshwater, Saltwater….even UNDERWATER! Unlike 95% of the greases on the market today that provide limited rust/ oxidation protection (acting as a simple oxygen barrier)….Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly has Rust Inhibitors actually blended into the formula! With unequaled tackifiers added, Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly will not migrate under load which means it can be used sparingly with outstanding results. We hope you will give it a try…as we assure you it meets the Clenzoil Worldwide quality and performance standards that have been established and field tested since 1948!

Clenzoil Marketing Staff

I use Clenzoil "Field & Range," while restoring antique railroad lanterns. While some restoration "gurus," suggest applying lacquer to a restored lantern to keep it from rusting...I don't like doing that as lacquer will "yellow" over time and will eventually look as bad as the lantern may have before restoration began. Instead, I "dip" the lantern into a bucket of Clenzoil several times once it has been cleaned and restored. I do this several times allowing a longer "soak" each time. After about five or six "soak sessions," the lantern (once dry) will remain rust free and looking new for years without follow up Clenzoil treatments. So, what's the secret ingredients that makes Clenzoil work so well?

C. Crawford – Tampa, Florida


Mr. Crawford, the secret……is a secret. However, we can tell you that it is not just the various components and additives that makes Clenzoil work so well. It is also the proprietary blending process that makes Clenzoil truly unique. The real “secret” about Clenzoil is just how many museums and archives use Clenzoil to maintain their historic inventories for the very same reason you use Clenzoil to restore your antique lanterns! Send us some pictures of your restored lanterns with Clenzoil….we would love to put them on our website!

Clenzoil Management