company-general-use-image01-minClenzoil solution is a broad based “application” product. By formulation it is a metal cleaner, lubricant, protectant/rust-inhibitor that can be applied to any known metallurgical surfaces that respond to lubrication and rust-protection. The environmental performance standards that Clenzoil will function in are quite varied and unique to this product. Clenzoil will work in -54F with sub-peaks to -65F just as it will function in temperatures above +350F with peaks over +400F. Clenzoil will function in both fresh and saltwater environments while not becoming gummy or snotty and at the same time avoiding spoilage in those wet conditions.

Clenzoil is a Hybrid product. This means that it contains both petroleum distillates and synthetic components. It is this unique formulation that allows it to work on both exotic metals as well as natural materials such as wood, leather, bone, horn and laminates. Once Clenzoil is applied to a surface, it will be absorbed several microns into the surface to provide a lubrication base that has a substantial “carrying” capacity, while at the same time providing a oxidation (protection) barrier that will greatly diminish the likelihood of metallurgical surface rust, even in highly humid environments.

The solvency component in Clenzoil can be varied through modified formulation for the specific application it will be used for. However, in most instances solvency is a desired component of the formula due to the fact that it imparts both additional “carrying” capacity of the finished blend as well as providing the associated process of cleaning or “prepping” the surface so that the lubrication component can more effectively and efficiently perform to its desired standard.

Clenzoil can be used in numerous applications and for that reason we provide product not just to the firearms/shooting – military/law enforcement industries but also to the “Machine & Tool,” industry, the “Cycle & Sprocket,” industry, the “Marine & Tackle,” industry, the “Transportation and Commercial Vehicle” industry as well as to a myriad of others. As the attributes of Clenzoil are a well known commodity in the firearms/military/law enforcement arenas, below is a compiled list of many other uses and applications for Clenzoil; and, while the listing may seem substantial, it should in no way be considered all-inclusive as many new uses exist and are brought to our attention daily.

company-general-use-image02-minHome, Garden & Farm Uses:
PTO lubrication for flange and accessory hubs. Come-Along ratchet and cable lubrication and protection. Garden tool and farm tool cleaning, lubrication and protection. Garage door spring, track, chain, roller and bearing lubrication. Hinge and lock lubrication. Gate hinges and rollers tracks. Sliding glass door rollers. Stainless steel appliance exterior surface cleaner. Lawnmower, tractor, riding-mower light lubricant/rust-inhibitor. Adhesive/wood/laminate glue release agent. Wood cabinet surface cleaner/protectant. Leather furniture cleaner/conditioner.

Machine & Tool Uses:
Hand tool cleaning and storage. Power tool cleaning and storage. Tool rust prevention and protection. Storage and protection of saw blades, lawn mower blades, chain saw bars and chains. Fencing tools, bridging tools, heavy equipment lubrication, tool & die cleaning, lubrication and rust-prevention.

Storage and protection of saw blades, lawn mower blades, chain saw bars and chains. Fencing tools, bridging tools, heavy equipment lubrication, tool & die cleaning, lubrication and rust-prevention. Hinge and chain applications across various performance levels and applications. Thread penetrating treatment for all fastener applications. Can be used as cutting oil for CNC and tool & die applications. Excells in cutting oil applications where immediate rust protection is required upon cutting. Well Head and drilling rig tool cleaning and protection for hostile environments such as drilling mud, oil, dirt, grime, etc.

Cycle & Sprocket Uses:
Motorcycle chrome cleaner/treatment. Sprocket and chain cleaner, lubricant, rust-inhibitor. Spoke and hub cleaner. Engine and spring cleaner/treatment. Can be used to clean and lubricate pedals, crank-arms, and derailleur degreasing and lubrication treatment. Pre-treatment for all drive-train parts (chain, sprocket, shifters, etc.) for mountain bikes and dirt bikes. Most open drive-train lines and gearing parts for bicycles, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, dirt bikes and ATV’s can be treated with Clenzoil. Simply use it to clean the parts and then allow the final application coat to dry. This will allow the parts to remain lubricated without them attracting dirt, mud or grime. Can also be used on springs and leather seats.


Marine & Tackle Uses:
Clenzoil can be used to clean and protect reels of all types. It is a favorite of fly fishing aficionados as it can be used to clean the reels and then protect them for subsequent harsh environment exposures. Will clean and protect from rust all fishing pliers, tools, metal lures, hooks, de-hookers, venting tools, gaffs and electric reels. Can be used to lubricate downrigger reels. Can be used on hatch hinges, struts, macerator blades and anchor davits. Clenzoil can be used to clean and protect engines (under the cowling) as well as used to wipe down railings, T-Top structural supports (aluminum or steel uncoated). Clenzoil will clean and lubricate fresh or saltwater reels internal mechanisms. It can be used to clean and keep from drying out cork handles on fishing rods as well as to lubricate the roller guides on deep sea fishing rods.

Transportation & Commercial Vehicle Uses:
As Clenzoil “Machine & Tool,” became more widely known in the heavy equipment industry, it wasn’t long before it began being requested for use on equipment such as bulldozers, earthmovers, cranes and other heavy “tracked” vehicles. Clenzoil was found to work exceptionally well on door and hatch hinges, pivot and articulation points, gear shift levers, chains and buckles, etc. It could be applied “wet” as a cleaning agent and then allowed to dry, as once dry; it retained its lubrication characteristics yet would not pick up and hold dirt, dust, grime, soot, etc.

Now Clenzoil  is used on railroad cars to service and maintain doors, hinges, locks, gear-drives, hatches and sliders. For these same uses you will also find it on commercial long-haulers in the Australian outback, in the frozen tundra of North America, on eighteen wheelers and all types of commercial and fleet vehicles throughout North and South America. The use of Clenzoil is also a well guarded secret in the commercial shipping industry as it is regularly used not only to maintain the vehicles and vessels that carry the cargo, but also the doors and hatches of the cargo containers themselves as our products have an uncanny ability to keep the doors, latches and locks from freezing and jamming keeping them easier to operate regardless of the length or mode of travel and transport.


The uses for Clenzoil in the “Field & Range,” capacity is well known and documented. It is used to clean and protect everything from guns to knives to swords to axes to hatchets and leather holsters. Please visit the Clenzoil “Field & Range” section to learn more about the many uses for Clenzoil. You will find that Clenzoil has been used from everything as a rehabilitation product for heavy equipment and tool & die equipment damaged in fires to a lubricant for locks, hinges, snowmobiles and chainsaws in sub-arctic temperatures.

Companies like Galco Holsters not only recommend Clenzoil, they are a Dealer for it as they have not found a better product to come in contact with their premium line of cowhide, horsehide and exotic hide holsters! Some of the most respected and notable custom Bladesmiths around the world today use Clenzoil on their works of art. Speaking of works of art, many museums around the world will use only Clenzoil to protect and preserve their priceless collections of weapons, knives, swords, armor, cannons, bows, leather pieces, etc.

As stated earlier, this is not to be considered an all-inclusive list when it comes to the multitude of uses for Clenzoil as far more uses exist in the practical application of this amazing product than can be categorized under any single heading. Almost daily, Clenzoil receives letters, emails, phone calls or post cards from converts to Clenzoil telling of the numerous uses that were never imagined for this green elixir – uses that have sometimes even amazed our engineers.

For over 67+ years Clenzoil has been one of the best kept secrets in many industries. Clenzoil is not a “me too” type of product, not a “new and improved,” or “latest and greatest” — Clenzoil is a “tried and true” product, tested in every US involved war and conflict since WWII. It has proven itself in every environmental condition and geographical location the US has sent a soldier to. This is not a product that has proven itself in the laboratory only to find out (what so many military personnel can attest to regarding amazing claims by other products) that it fails in the field. This is Clenzoil — A product that has developed its deserved reputation after 67+ years of field-testing by soldiers, fishermen, policemen, farmers, heavy-equipment operators, drillers, riggers, gunsmiths, tool & die makers, manufacturers, industry leaders, hunters and shooters!