Hunting Season Is Right Around the Corner

In some parts of the country hunting season has already opened. You can hunt deer in velvet in South Carolina now (as  long as you don’t mind battling the heat and the mosquitoes). Quite honestly, since our factory is located in Florida, heat and mosquitoes are something we are used to. For us Southern Boys, it is the cold weather that makes us cringe! Not just because our blood is “thinner,” and we shiver a little harder, but because cold weather can cause issues for firearms as well!

If you are an experienced hunter, there are two things you are thinking about doing this time of year. You are headed to the range to “check zeros” and retrain your trigger finger, and you are getting ready to “winterize,” your firearm if you plan on hunting in the “great snowy Northlands.” For those of you who have never “winterized” your firearm and then hunted in below freezing temperatures, you have been “rolling the dice,” with regards to your firearms performance.

Not all oils and greases are created equal. Some of them can actually freeze at minimally cold temperatures. If they don’t freeze, they can get “sluggish.” This is where a crisp “SNAP” of the firing pin dropping sounds more like a muted “CLIIIIIICK.” This can result in a light primer strike resulting in no cartridge ignition! We have even seen where bolts will freeze closed on rifles in extreme conditions! This can occur when oils and greases freeze up or moisture from condensation or rain can defeat the lubricant/metal protectant and lock an action up completely.

How do you ensure your firearm will not fall prey to these wicked winter issues? First, use Clenzoil in your firearm year round. Second, if you haven’t been using Clenzoil, strip out any other products or greases that are in the weapon. This is especially true of new firearms. Once you have cleaned off all of the oils and greases on your bolt, firing pin and firing pin spring, trigger mechanism, magazine release and/or latch, apply Clenzoil to those components. Allow it to set on them for at least 20 minutes. Wipe the Clenzoil off and then reapply it a second time and allow it to set on them for another 5-10 minutes. Then wipe off any noticeable excess. Now your firearm is ready to take on that hunt in those rugged deep-freeze environments where the big boys roam!

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