Look What American Rifleman Had To Say About Clenzoil… In 1950!

A lot of companies like to reference magazine articles highlighting their products performance. Clenzoil is no different in that regard. However, where Clenzoil is different is that we can reference magazine articles that demonstrate the history and longevity of our product line as well!

This brief article (on page 51) references a unique demonstration performed by our original inventor, Christian Lenz and then ends with the following quote: “To our knowledge, this is the first cleaner to be marketed that will remove corrosive chlorate priming mixture without the aid of water or other soluble agents.”

American Rifleman Article

The next time some “latest and greatest,” product makes claims ending in “trust us,” verbiage, ask yourself the following question, “Should I trust the maintenance of my cherished firearms to a company with almost seven decades of experience or another company that has only been around for a fraction of the time?” After all, how does a company make claims that their product will protect a firearm for 10-15 years when they have been in existence for less than that?

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