Is it alright for me to apply Clenzoil to the outboard motor on my boat? I thought that since it is such an excellent rust preventative that it would work great on an engine used in a saltwater enviroment.

Chris Ochs, Clearwater Florida


Chris, Clenzoil works great on virtually any marine application. In fact, many of us here at Clenzoil have used it on our boats for years. What makes it so much better as a engine protectant is that unlike most engine “dressings,” it is not sticky…so saltwater nor salt in the air will adhere to it. Also, each time you apply it…the engine surface is “cleaned,” of any contaminants that may have worked their way under your engine cowling.

Clenzoil Sales Staff

Can I use Clenzoil on my "high-end," saltwater reels?

Craig Lariz – Key West Florida


Craig, the short answer is…Absolutely! Don’t let the bottle fool you. Just because it has a shotgun on the label doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other outdoor gear. In fact, hundreds of Professional Fishing Guides around the world have been using Clenzoil for decades. We suggest you pull the reel apart and add a few drops of Clenzoil on the gears and spindle for mid season tune ups. However, many Professional Fishing Guides at the end of each season will unspool the reel and then give it a complete soaking in a gallon of Clenzoil for the ultimate saltwater reel protection!

Clenzoil R&D Staff