Image01aIn the early 1940s, a man by the name of Ellis Christian Lenz enlisted in the US Military during World War II. While he was at war, a young Captain Lenz (also an avid shooter, adventurer and outdoorsman) took notice of the many problems associated with the weapons of the day “freezing” or jamming after, or more often during, continual use throughout the numerous and harsh environment battles he witnessed in World War II.

Upon his arrival home and after his return to the civilian sector, Captain Lenz (later Dr. Lenz) began in 1945 to develop a product that would work in any and all environments as an effective cleaner, lubricant and rust inhibitor for weapons and other types of equipment forced to function in hostile environments, under any and all circumstances. He was determined that never again should our troops suffer loss due to weapons failure. As a Captain in the armed forces, he knew very well just how good the product he was formulating needed to be – however as a scientist and engineer, little did he know to what extent his new product would truly perform, nor the virtually unlimited amount of uses his original and modified formulas would eventually render (something we still do not know to this very day).

In 1948, Dr. Lenz finally completed his formulated “Field and Range” design and discovered that what made his product so unique and effective was not just in the unusual and specialized raw components that he used, but more importantly in the process used to bring them together. It was then that Clenz-Oil (a play on his name – Christian Lenz), or Clenzoil as it later became to be known, was ready for use.

It didn’t take long for Clenzoil to garner a large local and regional following — today, Clenzoil enjoys a well documented and an almost legendary cult-like following among civilian, law enforcement and our military forces as it is still considered the “best of the best” in its field and application; standing without equal for over 67+ years and counting.

Over the years and since its original development, Clenzoil has also been used and formulated for a variety of specific and non-specific tasks across a myriad of other industries; in fact one of the first industrial users of Clenzoil was the US Atomic Energy Commission who in the early 1950s identified Clenzoil as the only known product to stand up against the extreme and harsh corrosive conditions under which it operated at that time. Clenzoil has also been successfully used to not only maintain but actually rehabilitate expensive equipment and machinery, factory and heavy equipment exposed to catastrophic fire, has been used to prep and protect heavy and light equipment before it leaves the factory on its way to the customer or end user, it is used by marine diesel companies and mechanics to clean and maintain fuel injectors and the tools required to work on them, wood laminating companies use Clenzoil to clean and prep their molds and trays as do many other companies involved with injection molding, it is used offshore on oil and drilling rigs in the harsh saltwater environment, etc., etc. – in fact, every day brings news of new and exciting applications for our products as far more uses exist in the everyday practical application of our products than can be categorized under any one single heading or claimed by any one industry.Image03

In 2006, Clenzoil was relocated from its original facility in Ohio to a new, more modern and larger facility in Tampa Florida. Under Clenzoil Unlimited our equipment, “R&D” projects, intellectual properties, historical records, etc., were finally able to be properly supported.  With its new Corporate Offices located in Dade City Florida and the manufacturing facility located near the International Port in Tampa, Clenzoil now has the ability to efficiently service both its Domestic and International clientele.