Clenzoil products are truly remarkable and unique for many and a myriad of reasons and are the perfect companion products for machinery and tools of any size or type. The Clenzoil “Machine & Tool” product line has been specially formulated to exceed the needs of today’s factories and manufacturing plants as well as for the everyday consumer who is looking for the same ultimate protection values normally only available to the larger corporations. One of the key elements of our products is the fact that they do several things well acting as a cleaner, a lubricant, and protectant/rustinhibitors – with solvent qualities and capabilities offering operating temperatures and broad based use ranges unique to Clenzoil itself.

Clenzoil products consistently deliver a higher level of performance across a broader range of equipment than any other “CLP” or grease on the market. No other “CLP” or grease offer a lower “total cost of ownership” for the majority of your plant and manufacturing equipment as cost reductions quickly and consistently exceed the total cost of the products purchased providing a much simpler approach to the typical cost savings initiative.