S.P. Fjestad Uses Clenzoil and You Should Too!

When you walk into a gun store to buy, sell or trade a firearm you can bet that one constant will be in effect. The Dealer in that store will consult with the “Firearm Bible,” that could be the most informative resource in the industry for accurate gun prices. We’re talking about the Blue Book of Gun Values, now in its 36th printing! This resource is considered the single most definitive book on everything from highly desirable rare collectible firearms to the most commonly produced guns rolling off assembly lines today. This encyclopedic periodical tells you how to inspect a firearm and what it can accurately be valued at. No legitimate gun Dealer, Firearms Appraiser, Gunsmith or Gun Collector would be caught dead without this book!

That’s why it is even more amazing to read what the Author and Publisher of the Blue Book of Gun Values says about Clenzoil! S.P. Fjestad minces no words about what he and his professional team thinks about Clenzoil. Read for yourself below:

When customers bring their guns into the Blue Book Publications Research Center for evaluation and/or appraisals, we carefully “dissect” every one making sure nothing gets missed.  We’ve inspected everything from very expensive Boss shotguns to $25 Daisy BB guns. Upon reassembling and cleaning/lubricating them, the only products we use are from Clenzoil.  With a complete line-up of superior offerings, including cleaners, lubricants, and rust preventatives, Clenzoil products are in a class by themselves and simply a must for any gun enthusiast, whether in the field, range, or gun room.

S.P. Fjestad – Author & Publisher, Blue Book Publications, Inc.

Now THAT is what we call an endorsement!

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