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by jim keris on Blank Business Name
using clenzoil

I am a marine engineer with over 40 years of working on all types of machinery. Needless to say I've tried every type of penetrant the world has to offer. I recently tried to change out the receiver hitch on my truck fitted with a Master hitch lock. the key would not come out of the lock after unlocking. I went to my go to brand of penetrant. but nothing would free up the key! I then remembered the bottle of clenzoil I picked up at the ICAST show. I figured why not. after about ten minutes of soaking the key freed up the lock worked smoothly! I guess you can still teach an old dog new tricks! Needless to say I am impressed. This product will now be on my bench

by Ron Jarrell on Blank Business Name
Simply the best!

I've used Clenzoil for the past 10 years. I have lots of guns and from the least to the greatest I use Clenzoil. It works where the others fail. Dirty/Clean no problem. I recommend it over ALL the rest. I can buy anything at cost but choose to pay retail to get this. That pretty much says it all!

by Frank Ward on Blank Business Name
Triple Threat

I have an almost unused Browning o/u that I bought new 17 years ago and put it down after having put less than 400 rounds through it. I started using it again recently. It was very hard to break open as it has been 17 years ago. I cleaned it with Clenzoil removing the old oil from the parts and applying a thin coat of Clenzoil. The gun now opens 20+ % easier. While I was working on lubricating the metal parts it was great to know that any oil that got on the wood would not harm it as other oils will. I then applied a few coats to the entire wood stock and my 17 year old gun looks new. Thanks for a great product.

by Little Mountain Gun & Supply, Inc. on Blank Business Name
Professional Gunsmith Opinion

As a professional gunsmith and machinist, I "discovered" Clenzoil just over 8 years ago. Since then, not a day goes by that I am not still amazed by its capabilities. I find Clenzoil "Field & Range," to be far superior to any other CLP's or cleaners and lubricants I have ever used.
Clenzoil is the one product you will always find on my workbench. To date, I have never found a product that will clean and lubricate firearms as well as this product....not to mention the fact that I actually use it to finish wood stocks and as my final oil bath when hot bluing barrels and actions. As I type this, the holster and belt I wear has been treated with Clenzoil and it never looked so good! I personally am proud to say that I responsible for turning literally thousands of shootists, hunters and law enforcement officers onto this great product!

by Jonathon S. on Blank Business Name
Archery Shop/ Gear

I started using Clenzoil years ago on my rifles and shotguns. When I became an Archery Dealer buying the oldest archery shop in Florida (Arrowhead Archery) I started carrying the product for muzzleloaders and for use on cams and axles. I was amazed that by applying ONE DROP of Clenzoil on certain lubrication points on our bows, we could increase arrow speed by several feet per second! Now EVERY bow that goes out the door is "prepped" with Clenzoil. We also apply it to screw heads so they don't rust during the season. Best stuff we have ever tried!!!!