What’s With The New Look For Clenzoil?

If you have been a long time fan of Clenzoil you have probably asked yourself, “…..what’s with the new look regarding labels, logos and website?” Well we can answer that. We made a decision to update our look based on a great deal of in depth market research. While we all loved the original classy look of the over & under shotgun on our flagship product, we realized that we probably were also slightly “dated,” in our look as well.

Our new look is designed to capture the attention of the newer shooters yet also pay tribute to our long-time users by underscoring that we have been “protecting since 1948.” Our new logo will feature prominently not just in the future of our “Field & Range,” products……but in the other lines we will be launching. It is designed to link together the many different facets of where Clenzoil is headed! New designs, new colors, new packaging, new options……..but always the same “tried and true,” Clenzoil product!

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