protect chains, derailleurs, etc.

It doesn't matter whether your bike is people powered or driven by one of today's high-tech engines, Clenzoil is the one product you cannot be without as it may be generously used on all surfaces and on all types of materials -- from the chrome on the engine to the leather on the seat, whether you ride on the road or play in the dirt, you will not find a better and more diverse product than Clenzoil.

field and range protection

Clenzoil is the leading choice among US Military Forces and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. Since 1948, the name Clenzoil has stood for unyielding quality, surpassing both industry and military standards while delivering unmatched superior performance under the toughest and harshest conditions imaginable. Clenzoil supports our troops and is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project.

freshwater or saltwater

Like an old salty sea captain who keeps his wisdom to himself, Clenzoil marine and tackle may just be the best kept secret in the marine and tackle industry. With literally thousands of applicable uses given its unique cleaning, anti-corrosive and anti-seize attributes, Clenzoil offers some of the world's best products ever to be produced and used on the high seas or around water of any type.

machine and industrial use

Clenzoil has become the standard by which all other CLPs (cleaners, lubricants and protectants) are judged. With an extensive range of applicable uses and at home in almost any environment -- whether being used as a self-cleaning lubricant, a specialized cutting oil, or as a cleaner/rust-preventative,Clenzoil meets or exceeds all other CLP proprietary benchmarks.